Ramanand Swami Leaves For Akshardham

On the day of Mokshada Ekadashi, Ramanand swami had a big celebration in faleni village and on the 12th day, then fed many Brahmins and saints and on the 13th day they took a bath in bhadra river, came back to temple, sat in padmasan

Nilkanth Varni in Himalayas

God thus coming out of the river started walking towards the black Himalayas. They entered the forest fearless facing various wild animals, snakes and reptiles. They entered the deep forest walking with their bare but tender feet. Sometimes used

The Forest-Roaming Ends

Loj is a small town near Mangrol in Saurashtra. Once early morning of the sixth day of the month of Shravan Vad, the women folk of the town went to fetch water from a well. They saw a very thin celibate sitting there in the posture of meditation. He

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