Female Satsang


The Guru for females is the wife of the Dharmavanshi Acharya and is addressed by the title Akhand Sobhagyavati Gadiwalashri. She is affectionately referred to as Baa, (mother) by her disciples as she is the mother of the sampraday

Female Bhaktas - Influential Females of Maharaj's Time

The prominent and influential females of Maharaj's time were very devotional and loyal to Bhagwan when He was on this earth. Their devotion and loyalty was boundless


Maryada simply means to respect! When we value something or we hold something in high regard, we respect it, we call this Maryada. Within Dharma there are many things that we have Maryada


Nitya' means daily and Pooja is to worship God, therefore Pooja performed every day is known as Nitya Pooja. The scriptures declare that the early hours of the morning

Stree Dharma

The word “Sthree” is a Sanskrit term. It means ‘Women', woman is a manifestation of shakti, the illusory power of the lord. She is a Chaitanya maya. She is Durga or kali in manifestation. She is a faithful companion of man and

Women to Comfort and Command Time

Once a child reaches a marriageable age, the parents prepare themselves mentally and, more importantly, financially so that they can search for a suitable partner for their child in order to meet

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