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Draw your balance sheet

In the city of Maya Nagari there was a one hundred storey skyscraper of sky scaling height in which one thousand families and thousands of people lived in apartments. Four elevators worked round the clock to take the inhabitants

Contentment is everlasting Happiness

Lord Swaminarayan Bhagwan preaches regarding virtues and religious tenets repeatedly for the self-emancipation of his dependants in His religious scriptures. He commands us to live with contentment - to be happy and

An Ideal child

Rises early in the morning, worships in his mind with folded hands to Lord Swaminarayan Bhagwan and Acharya Maharajshri by secretly chanting five times the guru mantra initiated to him. After morning bath, wears clean and fresh clothes

Jivan Bhakta's Rotlo

Bhagwan Swaminarayan is the Supreme Entity of them all and part of His Supremacy is His compassion for all devotees. Jivan Bhakta was one of many devotees whose wishes were fulfilled by Sahajanand Swami

Great are the ways of the Great

A baby, who was learning to walk, went on his knees in the corridor of the house. The soft rays of the sun were brightening the broad corridor of the house. The child found his shadow moving ahead of him. These movements initially

God the Supreme Saviour?

Manavadar is a small town in the warrior’s land of Saurashta. It is the birthplace of many released souls and great devotees such as SadGuru Manjukeshanand Swami. In Bhakta Chintamni S.G. Nishkulanand Swami has referred to him

The Glory and Majesty of The Shikshapatri

Dear Friends, you know well about your birthday and you love to receive gifts on your birthdays. As we love to celebrate our birthday and love to receive birthday gifts, we too are required to present appropriate gifts to others

A Matchless Friendship

A leaf and clod were good friends. The leaf resided on a tree and the clod lived beneath the tree. Meanwhile the season changed and the leaf fell down due to the autumn wind. It landed right near the clod and cried under the shock

Dabhaan Stables

During the time when Lord Shri Hari graced the Earth with His Divine presence crime was at an all time high and safety of righteous people was constantly under threat. One of the greatest protaganists was a bandit named Joban Pagi. This bandit had reached

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