Cause of all causes, gives light

As Nilkanth Varni continued His pilgrimage, He was moving from Venkatadri towards Setubandh Rameshvar. On the way there, Varni met up with a very ill sadhu. “Who are you? And why are you in this feeble state?” Varni inquired

Hanumanji's Darshan of Nilkantvarni

After being pushed into the river Saryu by Kaushidatta, Nilkanthvarni swam down the river came out on the opposite side some twenty four miles away. He walked for three days

The wicked sadhus of Jagnathpuri

For some years, one Muljibhai of Limbdi village lived in Gadhada, working for Dada Khachar. One day, Muljibhai’s son fell ill in Limbdi. The family members sent a messenger with a letter explaining the situation, asking

Seva Offered By Nilkanth Varni In Lojpur Gam

After hearing the praise of Ramanand Swami, Nilkanth Varni then told Muktananda Swami that they too were one of them and also desired to see the guru themselves and requested to take to them as soon as possible. Muktanand Swami on hearing

Two Blessings Given By Ramanand Swami To Sahajanand Swami

Ramanand Swami had the friendship built with Shri Hari. They started doing all the social duties by asking Shri Hari. After roaming different villages in the foothill in Junagadh, they came to Jetpur at the house of Unnad bapu. Because of their

Ramanand Swami Writes Letter To Muktanand and Nilkanthvarni

Ramanand Swami read both the letters given to them by Mayaram Bhatt in the assembly. Their eyes were filled with tears. After praising the lord to every one present in the assembly they then started writing the reply to both Muktanand and Varni

Ramanand Swami Meets Nilkanthvarni

The month of Vaishak was completed staying in Lojgam. Ramanand Swami seated in a chariot took leave from all the devotees in Bhuj and came to Piplana to the house of Narsimha Brahmin. They sent their messenger Kuvarji to

Muktanand Swami Meets Nilkanthvarni

Because of the power of the penance, the idol of peace, all the saints very surprised and started talking to each other: We have seen so many saints but none like Varniraj who are of such a tender age. Their penance and the young age

Mahadiksha To Nilkanthvarni

In the morning of Ekadashi, gods were installed and mahapuja done.108 offerings of Ghee were made and Shri Hari were given a white cloth and a dhoti and a double beaded Tulsi mala to wear, a tilak, chandlo were done on their forehead

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