Holy Saints

Bhumanand Swami

Bhumanand Swami was born as Rupjibhai in VS 1852 in a town called Keshiya near Jamnagar. His father was called Ramjibhai and his mother was called Kuverbai, his family name was Kadiya Rathod.

Adwaitanand Swami

Magniram was a brahmin by caste and belonged to the Dravid region (Southern India). In his youth, he made up his mind to realise God and discarded his worldly relations leaving his home for the pilgrimage of religious shrines in search of God

Brahmanand Swami

At the foot hills of great mountain Mt Abu, there is one small village named Khan, in Dungarpur district of Rajasthan state. Gadhavi Shambhudanji and mother Lalbadevi gave birth to one of our Sampraday's great saints

Devanand Swami

S.G. Devanand Swami is the saintly poet from the group of eight great saintly poets contemporary to Shri Hari. Balol is the brith place of S.G. Devanand Swami. He was born on the full moon day of Kartika in V.S. 1859, in the

Gopalanand Swami

At the time of Gopalanand Swami's birth his elated parents listening to the prophecy of a brahmin astrologer, named him 'Khushal' (pleasurable). Khushal Bhatt, learnt scriptures at his schooling age. A brahmin - Kashiram came to

Muktanand Swami

At the time of his birth, the child Mukunddas impressed everybody by his spiritually wisdom and was therefore named 'Mukund Das.' In his childhood, he was quite different than the rest of the children in his age group. When children of his age group

Nishkulanand Swami

The saintly poet of 'Tyag Na Take Re Vairagya Vinaa' and thousands of devotional songs was born in Suthar family residing in a small village - Shekhapt. Rambhai and Amritbhi were his parents. His childhood name was Lalji and he

Nityanand Swami

Dinmani Sharma's family were very rich. He went Kashi to learn and acquire knowledge from Jagjit Pandit. He wanted darshan of Lord Swaminarayan and to acquire this, he proceeded towards Badrinath. On the way, he joined

Premanand Swami

Premanand Swami was born as Hathiram in the town of Dora Bharuch in VS 1840. He was born to Hindu parents who abandoned him at a young age. A Muslim family raised him, his foster father was called Dosatai

Shukanand Swami

Shukanand Swami (the private secretary of Lord Swaminarayan) from VS 1855 to 1925. At a very young age, Jagnath Bhutt was educated in Sanskrit and learnt other activities which were required as a Brahmin. He was obeying

Gunatitanand Swami

Gunatitanand Swami was born as Mul Sharma in VS 1841, in the town of Bhadra in Gujarat. His father was called Bhodanath and his mother was called Sakarba. He always saw the divine image of the Lord. For about 40 years he stayed as

Shatanand Swami

Santdasji was born in Meethila town in Nepal. His father was called Vishnudatt, who was a brahmin. He obtained diksha in Dabhan. He had the gift of akhand samadhi, in which he could see Lord in divine form whatever he was doing, even during sleep

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