Cause of all causes, gives light

One evening in Gadhada, Shreeji Maharaj was lying on his bed, under an insect net, in Akshar Oradi (the room that is Akshar Dham). An oil lamp lit the room. Shreeji Maharaj was dictating a letter to Shuk Muni. Shuk Muni was seated next to the lamp, using its light to see what he was writing. 

All of a sudden, the light went out. Shuk Muni exclaimed, “the light has gone out, and the letter is incomplete! How can I finish this letter for you, Lord?” 

Shreeji Maharaj comforted Muni, “don’t worry Swami, you shall have as much light as you need.” He extended his leg through the net, and an immense light, much more luminous than the oil lamp, emerged from His toe and flooded the room. 

“How’s that Shukji?” Shreeji Maharaj asked. 

“Thank you Prabhu”, Swami continued writing and Maharaj resumed dictating to him. The light remained present as long as it took to the two of them to complete the letter. 

When the letter was complete, Shreeji Maharaj retracted His leg and the light vanished, leaving the room in complete darkness.