NarNarayan Dev arrive for Ghanshyam’s Darshan

One day Dharmadev, Bhaktimata & Rampratapji were seated in the living room. A few of Bhaktimata’s friends, including Surjabai & Chandamami, arrived and sat next to Bhaktimata. 

Ghanshyam Maharaj was playing before them. Seeing Chandamami, he crawled over to her played with her for a while and went and sat in his mum’s lap. Bhaktimata was so overcome with love for her son that she lifted him and began to breast-feed him. 

While feeding Ghanshyam, Bhaktimata held his hand and gazed at the lines on his right palm. As she was engrossed in looking at Ghanshyam’s palm, immense light began to pour out of it. It pervaded all corners of the room. Within this immense light, Badrikashram appeared. 

All those present in the room saw the light and Badrikashram within it. They saw Shree NarNarayan Dev, numerous muktas (released souls) & the rushi munis. 

NarNarayan Dev gave Dharmadev, Bhaktimata etc. seats of straw, which they all occupied. NarNarayan Dev then bowed to Ghanshyam, still laid in his mother’s lap. NarNarayan Dev placed Ghanshyam on their seat and performed extra-ordinary poojan of him. On completion of the poojan, they served Ghanshyam ripened berries from the Badri tree. 

NarNarayan Dev then turned to Dharmadev & Bhaktimata, bowed at their feet and did poojan of them, also. 

Ghanshyam Maharaj then addressed NarNarayan Dev, “O NarNarayan Dev, in your Bharatkhand, there is the prominent Gurjar region, within which is the city of Amdavad. I shall make a place for you there, and install your images.” Having said this, Ghanshyam returned to his mother’s lap. 

Seeing all this, Dharmadev & Bhaktimata recalled their past and realised they were the actual birth parents of Shree NarNarayan Dev. Just as they were recalling their past, Shree NarNarayan approached them and with folded hands prayed to them, “O Mother! O Father! Purushottam Narayan has appeared at your home, as your son Ghanshyam, HariKrishna. Thus we are fulfilled by his darshan.” 

Dharmadev & Bhaktimata were overcome with boundless joy at the sight. 

All of a sudden, the light returned back within Ghanshyam’s palm. Witnessing the goings on, Dharmadev, Bhaktimata, Rampratapji, Surjabai & Chandamami saw Ghanshyam’s divinity. They tried to recall it daily.