Sweets for a ring


One day Suwashinibhabi was cooking in the kitchen. She had taken her ring off and placed it on a nearby shelf. Ghanshyam went to the kitchen feeling very hungry and asked his Bhabi for some food. Bhabi replied, ""Please wait a while, the food won't be long." Ghanshyam could not wait He saw the ring on the shelf and thought of exchanging it for some food. Without his Bhabi noticing He picked up the ring and left the house for the local sweet makers shop. He bargained with the sweet maker to exchange 'sweets for a ring'. Being a cunning person, the sweet maker looked at the expensive ring and thought, "how much can this child possible eat". The sweet maker agreed that Ghanshyam could eat as much as he wanted in exchange for the ring. 

Ghanshyam sat down to eat and the sweet maker brought out the sweets. Ghanshyam ate the first plate full really quickly and requested the sweet maker to bring him another plate full. Ghanshyam finished plate after plate, making the sweet maker run back and forth from the shop. The sweet maker was rushed off his feet and was surprised at how much this small boy could eat. Soon the shop was empty, but Ghanshyam was still hungry and asked the sweet maker to make some more. Ghanshyam wanted to teach the sweet maker all important lesson of greed and not to take advantage of others for one's own benefit. Ghanshyam soon realised that there were no more sweets or ingredients to make anymore, so Ghanshyam said that He was satisfied. To the relief of the sweet maker, Ghanshyam left the shop and went home. 

As he walked in there was a hectic search for the ring. "What are you all looking for?" He said. Bhabi asked, "Have you seen the ring that I put on this shelf?" "No" He replied, "I haven't seen it." However Ichharam approached Dharmadev saying that he saw Ghanshyam take the ring. Ghanshyam had been caught. Ghanshyam then started to explain why he took the ring. He said that the sweet maker had it. They all went to the sweet makers shop to ask him for the ring. The sweet maker replied "I haven't taken the ring; I have given him sweets in exchange." All looked at Ghanshyam who said, "I haven't eaten any sweets."" The sweet maker called Ghanshyam a liar, ""look! My shop is empty."" As he turned he turned and pointed at the shop, he found that the shelves were full of delicious sweets. He gazed in astonishment and could not believe what he saw. He felt really embarrassed; he apologized to Dharmadev and Bhaktimata and returned the ring. They returned home leaving the sweet maker thinking, 'that was no ordinary child.'